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Dampen Your Worries! Unravelling Waterproofing Techniques for A Dry and Happy Home

Welcome to the sheltered world of NextGen Contracting, where we leave no stone unturned – or should we say, no shingle unmoved – in our mission to protect your home from water-related perils. Excuse us if that painted a rather damp picture (pun intended), but indeed, facing water leaks and dampness is something not as fun as watching paint dry.

Still with us? Great! Delve into this deep pool of wisdom about waterproofing techniques guaranteed to shield your humble abode’s structural integrity from constant aquatic assault!

The Moisture Saga: Of Leaks And Seepages

There’s an odd satisfaction tilting an umbrella perfectly against the rain. However, when pertaining to homes located in Jeffersonville, IN (-85.7371604;38.2770227) – it may not be all hunky-dory when nature unleashes its wettest wiles on

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