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Raising the Roof: Your Ultimate Guide to Residential Siding Installation

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Let’s Siding

When was the last time your house had a makeover? Well, for those of you contemplating giving your outdoors a fresh appeal, we can’t stress this enough – it’s all about residential siding installation! Yes, precisely where our expertise lies here at NextGen Contracting in Jeffersonville, IN.

In the grand old United States of America, vinyl sidings have emerged as the ultimate crown king due to its durability, cost-effectiveness and plethora of colors. “But hey,” you might be thinking about other types like wood or fiber cement sidings that have sparked curiosity amongst homeowners these days!

Today we are going to help feed that curiosity with an easy-to-follow guide on everything there is to know about residential siding.

Facts First: Unveiled!

Factoid 1: Vinyl siding isn’t just seducing Americans with its impeccable range of hues; nylon nabs top rankings thanks to fabulous features such as low upkeep and budget-friendly quotient too.

Factoid 2: The U.S Department of Energy stated that heat loss through uninsulated walls could hit home energy efficiency pretty unfairly (upwards of 30%). Hence why some new armor i.e., external residential siding could come quite handy!

So now let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into this vibrant world where color choices in siding materials would make rainbows blush!

Picking Your Perfect Siding

Your house deserves only the best exterior remodel. Whether it’s traditional brick or contemporary vinyl sheets, picking amongst various house siding options can transform your humble abode significantly.

Vinyl Siding – Ol’ Reliable!

From maintaining its charisma in extreme weather conditions to keeping wallets happy worldwide – vinyl indeed encapsulates ‘value for money’.

Wood Siding – The Classic Beauty

For homeowners eyeing that aesthetically pleasing age-old charm, wood is your go-to siding. But remember it needs regular loving care (read: maintenance and repainting) to prolong its lifespan!

Fiber Cement Siding – The Sturdy Buddy

Fiber cement sidings offer durability like no other material on our list. It doesn’t warp or crack, keeping pesky insects at bay while impersonating the beauty of wood and stucco.

Siding Installation Step-by-Step Guide

Great! Now that you’ve made a choice let’s simplify the DIY siding installation process for all you home improvement enthusiasts.

1. Measure: Begin by measuring your walls accurately.


Ensure strong nails are in place right where they belong.

3.Hanging: Hang each siding section meticulously ensuring that it’s levelled with every nailed panel perfectly aligned.

5.Cutting:Avoid creating unsightly seams through careful cutting practices

6.Tidying-Up:The sawdust and waste can be as untied as an unwelcome guest; make sure everything’s clear up post-installation.

These basics will ensure your DIY adventure sails smoothly!

Main FAQs About Residential Sidings Installation

Q: How much does residential siding cost?

A: While vinyl emerges as the most wallet-friendly among house siding options, fiber cement could dent pockets slightly more because highly skilled labor would add to costs.

Q: What’s better? DIY installation or hiring a professional?

A:The task involves fair technicality; therefore hiring professionals such as ‘siding contractors near me’ might save time from potential trial-errors DIY main constitutes!

All Touched Up!

Installing sidings can refurbish your home’s exterior and significantly amp the energy efficiency – ultimately, enhancing the curb appeal. Hopefully, this guide demystifies your quest into the world of residential siding.

Remember, if you feel like you need assistance – we’re just a call away. After all, why must one roll in sawdust when pros like us could lend a hand (and tools)! Happy remodeling to every Jefferson citizen planning a splendid outdoor transformation!

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